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New Check out these maps of places I've been
As of January 2004, I have a digital camera.
I posted a bunch of pics here. (last updated October 12, 2006)
My good friend Mark has an album with pictures of his son Ryan. New
Here are pictures from Neal & Veda's wedding on July 21, 2001.
Niklas and Mats posted some pictures (Niklas's, Mats's) from our Mount Whitney trip of July 2001.
My friend Solomon posted some pictures from when we met up in Bangkok, Thailand on May 3, 2001
Here are some of my friends on Halloween 2000. I don't even recognize them.
A very nice picture (from left to right) of Aruna, Niklas, Tom, and I at the wedding of my good friends Anthony and Jen.
Some more pictures from the same trip of Niklas, Amy, myself, and others.
Here are some pictures taken at the Goleta Beach and at Six Flags Magic Mountain with the Japanese Conversation Club that I am part of. (If an error occurs loading this page, turn off javascript and reload.)
My friend Niklas posted some pictures from our Grand Canyon trip of March 1999.
I went to Japan in the summer of 1998. It was really cool. I was part of the 1998 Summer Insitute in Japan sponsored by the National Science Foundation. I'm the one on the right in this picture taken in Japan.
Andy has a nice set of pictures from Japan.
I used to have a webcam. Check out my favorite webcam pics.
Also check out Alison's webcam and her favorite webcam pics (and her webpage, too).

I am an alumnus of Van Nuys High School (1991). (To go to the VNHS alumni registry click here.) I am also an alumnus of UC Berkeley (1995) (To go to the UC Berkeley alumni registry click here.). After graduating from UC Berkeley, I went to grad school at UCSB in the Dept of Mechanical Engineering. Here's is how I found myself at such a nice place for grad school.
If anyone is interested in buying back issues of Sports Illustrated from the 1980s and 1990s at reasonable prices, send me email.
This page has been seen seen about times since 1997.

Write me at asb110273 at gmail.com.

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